HYP lean bars

The HYP lean bars, manufactured by XTERRA NUTRITION, are the perfect nutritional snack for those on a sugar restricted, high protein diet. These bars are packed with 10g of top quality protein from whey/milk and contain zero sugar. With a low glycemic index and less net-impact carbs, the bars ensure there are no sudden insulin…

Epigamia yogurt

Epigamia yogurt is a greek yogurt brand by DRUMS Food International Pvt. Ltd. that manufactures and sells a variety of flavors of rich, smooth and delectable greek yogurts! The very kind folks at Epigamia send me a box full of different flavors of their greek yogurt including their latest snack packs and to say that I…


°º|| FRIENDS ||º°
Dear Diary,
He finally sent me flowers today. Yellow flowers.

°º|| NOSTALGIA ||º°

||Soft, tiny palm enclosed in a big, masculine one, the only parent walked his daughter down the beach.
Two years back, same date, same time, he held a bigger palm.||

Doodle while I Poodle!

Every free minute of my life I am not reading or writing, doodling is what I’m doing. It’s more popularly called zentangle or mandala but I prefer ‘doodling’ because it gives a feel of a freer style. 😛  Doodling is like second nature. If I have a writing instrument in my hand, my hand will…

Diary Confessions…(One-Shot)

March 10,2009; Thursday. I’m afraid i have a confession to make. A confession I am not proud of. A confession that makes me shun away from my own eyes in my mirror. A confession that would make my parents disown me. A confession that would shame my teachers. Standing in front of my examination school…

Awkward Hi!

Literally EVERYONE has their own blog! So I though why not? Keeping up with the ‘in’ is the new in, isn’t it? So finally, I present to you ‘arshitaagarwalevolves’ , my very own space where I’ll be uploading everything from my writing to my designs. WARNING: Some might be extremely trashy! But oh well, you…